6 Tips on How to Improve your Photography

While sitting here in my room trying to get some inspiration for the next thing I want to shoot and waiting for this blasted rain to actually stop I decided to write a brief article on 6 ways to improve yourself as a photographer. Rather than focusing on the technical side of things I thought I would just concentrate on a more general theme. So here goes:

1) Remain Enthusiastic

One of the best ways to improve yourself as a photographer Canberra is to be enthusiastic about photography – you have to love what you’re doing. Photography has the knack of being frustrating at the best of times especially for example when the weather never seems to improve! or if an animal doesn’t appear despite putting hours/days of work in to trying to get the shot. Try to use this frustration as a strength and see it as a challenge rather than a barrier. If the worst comes to the worst give yourself a break and come back to it later with a fresh head. You will find this will have given you the time to clear your head and approach the problem (if it’s not down to the gods to stop it raining) in a new mood. Always try to avoid doing work when you don’t want to, this will simply result in poor work and consequently dissatisfaction for your clients.

2) Try something different or new

Many photographers take the attitude that if something works why fix . Although this works I find that constantly changing and evolving yourself and your workflow by using different techniques or new equipment/technology helps me improve myself and also my photography, whilst also keeping the enthusiasm to do photography. Therefore if you think a new piece of equipment would be worthwhile purchasing or maybe a new bit of software could help with your workflow don’t umm and arrr over it but try it out (don’t bankrupt yourself though always make sensible financial decisions that fit in with your business plan!).

3) Read Read Read. Talk Talk Talk

The best photographers in edinburgh are constantly improving their knowledge of photography be it via talking with fellow photographers or reading blogs, articles, news or anything else related to photography. By doing this you can learn what techniques are the newest and most effective and also learn from others how to improve your photography. I personally have found that talking to other photographers has greatly helped how I take photographs and also how I process my images. Discussing with others different techniques or experiences will dramatically improve your photography. Therefore use online forums and meet and talk with other photographers. Also comment and constructively criticise other photographers work. The result will likely be that they will do the same for you. I have always found being generous with knowledge and sharing my experiences with others has helped them but also made people more receptive and willing to help you in return. Try it, trust me it works.

4) Understand exactly what you are doing

Photography is a skill. Despite digital cameras coming along and making photography easier for the masses it is still possible to distinguish easily between the professionals who understand what they are doing and the amateurs who don’t fully understand how the process of photography works and how they got the shot. As a professional it is important to know what you are doing not only for self motivation and confidence building but also because when it comes to winning over a client your understanding and knowledge will come across, compared to others who are going for the same assignment. If you want to be a professional you have to act like one and always strive to be one. This is where the read read read and talk talk talk comes in!

5) Write Articles

After you have done the read read read and the talk talk talk maybe try writing articles or blogs on what you have done or learnt. Not only will this help others who maybe in the same position as you but also having articles or blogs associated with you and your photography will help build up a name and reputation for yourself. Reputation is a key selling point to clients as being known as a professional suggests you are an expert in the photography field and hence you will get the job done better than others because of this knowledge. Try it; you will be surprised by the results.

6) Take more photographs

The best way undoubtedly to improve yourself is to take more photographs. The more you take the better you get. Therefore get out there and keep taking photos. Try and get some photographs that represent your highest level of work. The result of doing this will be that not only you will have some fantastic photos to act as a showcase of your work but also you would have built up the knowledge over this time to know how to use those techniques later on.

To conclude:

I hope this has helped a little to spark some motivation to keep taking and improving your photography and also maybe start some conversation on this matter. Good Luck with all your photography!!!

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