Anti-Fatigue Mats

Are you on your feet for an extended period of time? Do you find yourself rubbing your feet late in the evening while relaxing after a long day? Do your legs and feet get tired long before you are ready to stop working? Chances are you could benefit from the usage of a rubber anti-fatigue mat.

Anti-fatigue mats are usually made of some sort of thick rubber compound. These mats can be anywhere from one quarter of an inch to an inch in thickness. The task that these types of mats will primarily handle is cushioning your feet, and thereby your entire body, from the impact of walking and standing. If you spend a great deal of time on your feet – particularly on a concrete or tile surface, you will be surprised by the relief that you and your feet will experience by using an anti slip rubber matting for standing. The easiest way to describe the feeling is to say that you will feel like you are walking on air. These benefits do not stop at your feet though; a mat with anti fatigue properties will help your lower back feel better and have less pain and tension as well.

These mats are valuable tools, both on a job and inside the household. They can be used in front of a cash register, by the assembly line, in front of the sink, in the wood shop, or just about anywhere that long periods of standing is essential. Anti-fatigue mats are known for being very versatile. and can generally withstand just about any environmental condition.

Concerned about safety? A quality anti-fatigue mat will have active aggressive traction underneath it to prevent slippage of the mat itself. The top side, or the walking and standing side, also has traction. This traction is generally job specific. Some help in pivoting and turning tasks, while others are designed for people who have to lift constantly. Some of the nicer mats even have microbial treatment, which helps to keep them clean and sanitary for the life span of the mat.

Anti-fatigue mats vary greatly in price and quality. The more you spend on a mat, the more bells and whistles you can reasonably expect. These mats can increase productivity and lower injury rates on the job, which are two exceptional benefits. These benefits greatly offset any temporary financial cost. You or your employees are well worth the price of investing in a high quality anti-fatigue mat.