Brother PC-210 Sewing Machine Review

The Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is a well-organized, tidy, neat piece of equipment.

This is a computerized sewing machine that the manufacturers have made to be an excellent choice for both professional and novice users. The Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is not only a great dressmaking sewing machine but is also inclusive of features for free motion work and quilting in addition t o the most popular automation features found on today’s sewing machines. The push button controls, horizontal thread delivery, drop feed dog capability and programmable needle up/down button are some of the automation features found in this sewing machine. When one wants a sewing machine he/she can use for occasional mending and alteration task, the Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is too much a machine. A person who wants to try his/her hands on construction of clothes and design, express one’s creative idea, and dabble in some quilting will find the Brother PC-210 PRW sewing machine a pretty cool tool for the job.

The Brother PC-210 sewing machine is a fully computerized machine that provides users with lots of functionality and versatility. The 50 built in stitches included in this sewing machine enables one to do decorative stitches, quilting, heirloom stitches, or any other type of switch one may need. In addition to the huge selection of pre-programmed stitches, the Brother PC-210 sewing machine provides a lot other features and functions, which provides beautiful consistent results easily. One is able to sew quickly with confidence thanks to the quick set bobbin. The needle position change function allows one to sew precisely even after changing the position of the garment at work. The included five styles of automatic buttonholes helps you to make sure you are getting the right size buttonhole for whatever one is working on.

The Brother PC -210 Sewing Machine has 50 built in stitches with 34 decorative stitches and 16 utility including 5 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes. The length of the stitch is adjustable up to 5mm and width of the stitch adjustable up to 7mm. Create fashion-forward, hip clothings like those seen on the runaway with the Limited Edition Project Runaway sewing machine. The unit has great tools for professionals and novi ces alike to create their won couture creations fit that pass the critical eye for the most discerning diva.

Who Would Buy This?

Those shopping for the Brother PC- 210 Sewing Machine professional as well as novice sewers looking to get more out of a sewing machine with its top-notch features, style, functionality, and capability.


The Brother PC-210 Sewing Machine is designed to be an organized in its functionality. This sewingBrother PC-210 Sewing Machine machine can be said to be a place of everything with everything in place. The top of this canvas sewing machine flips up revealing the top thread and bobbin winder. When one is done sewing, he/she flips the lid closed for a neat and tidy machine look as a pin. There will be no signs of spools or thread hanging out while one is in the middle of a project. The drawer accessory pulls down from front of the machine revealing an organized slot for a unit presser foot and additional accessories. The Brother PC-210 sewing machine offers convenient functionality with open, select tool, attach and sew. It is as easy as that.

Presser Feet

The Brother PC-210 Sewing Machine has a 7 snap-on presser feet that covers buttons, utility stitches, hemming, buttonholes, and monogramming. One is able to adjust the presser foot pressure to four settings with a dial found towards the back of the sewing machine. This way, the machine is more capable of handling anything from sheer fabrics without bunching to quilt pieces and thicker fabrics. The Zigzag foot Brother has leveling button that one can push when need to sew up and extreme thick seams arise when sewing jeans and denim.

Brother PC-210 Sewing Machine Features

• 6 point feed dog system
• 14 needle dog system
• Automatic reverse/reinforce stitch
• Large automatic area
• Maximum sewing speed of 850 SPM
• Maximum automatic buttonhole in 1/8” and mm increments
• An in-built carry handle