A lot of the modern design or contemporary look that is out there can be a very neutral color, and doesn’t have a lot of detail too it. But sometimes if you add this look into your home, it will feel cold and sterile. In fact taking the modern look to that sort of extreme will normally leave you with a very plain room; however you can make it a bit less sterile by adding some color and textures to the room. Try the below steps to see if it will help your room stay contemporary but be a bit less cold.Begin with color. Contemporary color palettes are cool and neutral; brown, cream, white, and taupe. This does not mean that your entire home needs to look like a bowl of milk. Use these colors as a basic foundation.

When your room’s background is neutral, you have the entire color palette at your disposal for splashes of brighter color in accessories. For instance, if you have pale cream walls and wood flooring, a brightly colored rug can make a fabulous statement. Just make sure you don’t overdo the boldly colored accents. Remember, contemporary design is all about simplicity. Metal accents are the second crucial element in contemporary design. Nickel, chrome and stainless steel are used to produce the clean, smooth lines that this style is known for. You can find furniture, accessories, or light fixtures with beautiful metal accents.

Glass is often combined with metal in furniture or shelving to make a simple yet bold statement.With the addition of some texture you can make the room a bit more exciting. With a contemporary design the look is all sleek, smooth and cool textures. Add in some textures that are not contemporary to add a bit of different texture to the room. Changing the cushions on a couch to crushed velvet will give the room a much warmer feel.In modern design wood is often used. Wood flooring should be not the normal oak, but how about a nice mahogany that will add just the right pop to the decor. Add in wood to the room with picture frames, or shelves. Just don’t add too much into the room and leave it with a cluttered look.

Lighting is extremely important to the overall appearance of a contemporary design. When you want to make the individual pieces stand out, add track lighting. Track lighting is popular in modern design, as the individual lights can be moved like spotlights to highlight particular details. Floor lamps are also a great choice. They soften the room and counteract the harsh effect of bright track lights.Finally, include a beautiful area rug into your contemporary design. A quality rug can pull the many elements of your room together. Rugs add another layer of color and texture to your room. Many designers choose modern rugs with graphic designs to add a contrasting set of lines to the room.

If you select the right rug for your room, you will have an instant focal point, making the rest of your design project relatively simple.Base your home’s design around aspects of these six elements to achieve a clean and sophisticated home atmosphere. As you create a contemporary feel within your room, keep in mind that this is your room, not a show room from a magazine. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style, but blend the two and create the perfect balance in your space. Choose pieces and colors that you love, to create a room that is not only welcoming to your guests, but also to you and your family.