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Help for Panic Attacks – Hypnosis in Australia

Any and everyone can experience a panic attack. It’s that moment when a thought enters your mind that sets a chain reaction in your body. The heart beat starts to increase and pulse races. The breathing becomes shallower and more frequent. Stress is felt in the body. The mind feels overwhelmed by thoughts of disaster or the worst possible imagined negative scenario becoming reality.

Although all of us will have had a momentary panic some people experience panic attacks much more often and for a few people this can be a daily event. In fact some people may not even know why they are experiencing a panic attack as it can sometimes seemly arrive out of no where.

 Panic and the Unconscious Mind

A panic attack is often associated with a particular event, person or environment. The unconscious mind has made an association between an experience from your past and your current situation today.
Some examples could be:-

Your teacher or parents (authority figures) used to make you feel nervous and now you have a panic attack when your boss (authority figure) wants to speak to you
Your were trapped in a lift once and now you panic in enclosed spaces (planes, trains, lifts)
You were involved in a car crash and now driving on motorways fills you with dread
You last partner betrayed you and now you panic if your current partner’s whereabouts are not known to you
You felt panicky when in a night club and now when you are with a crowd of people you have a panic attack
In the above examples and many similar situations the unconscious mind creates a sense of danger or insecurity in order to prepare you what is called the “fight or flight” syndrome. The adrenaline flowing through your body is meant to give you the power to run or fight. However your logical mind knows that there is no need to feel this way as your current situation is safe.

What are the Benefits of hypnotherapy courses for Panic Attacks?

Firstly, hypnosis is most often used to create a state of relaxation. During this calmer state you can :-

Get the chance to investigate the possible causes of your panic attacks
Review what your mind, imagination and body reactions are that lead to a panic attack
Discover a better understanding and perception
Take advantage of strategies that change your reaction from panic to calmness
Gain a more relaxed demeanour and a sense of control

Hypnotherapy in Australia for Panic Attacks

Steven Harold is an experienced hypnotherapist in Australia who has been helping people overcome panic attacks for more than 16 years. He offers a free initial consultation where you can find out more about how a combination of hypnotherapy courses Adelaide, EFT and NLP can help you release panic attacks and enable you to lead a comfortable and confident life.