How to Rate Online Dating Sites

If you are really interested in the online dating scene you definitely have to learn how to rate online dating sites before you spend your hard earned money. There are a lot of review sites out there, but because of your specific needs or inclinations I guarantee that any review written by someone else will not match your evaluation, even if you go through the same exact evaluation process.

datingThere are many factors that differentiate dating sites. When you finally decide to jump in the water it is imperative that you rate online dating Australia sites with the right context in hand. What we mean here is that it is very difficult to rate something you know nothing about. So, differently than most review articles, what we want to give you here is a framework that will help you to build your own evaluation and come up with your own results. I am pretty sure you will find them more trustworthy than many on the net.

Remember what the goal is. You want to have a relationship, and relationships are important, they define your future. So the way you rate online dating sites matters to your future. Pay attention.

What we have done is taken a look at most of the top rated sites and come up with several general categories and specific factors that you need to look at when you rate an online dating site or dating club. Whether you use labels or a number system we leave up to you, but the factors remain as important differentiators. When a specific factor is provided by all players we have eliminated it from the list since it doesn’t help differentiate among offerings. An example of this is the standard profile. All services offer it. OK, so let’s get into the action.

Evaluating Factors:


Total # of members online: This refers to whether the site shows someplace on the user interface the number of people that are online at a given moment. This number will give you an idea of how active a site is. People are fickle and a site might have millions of users, but only thousands of active ones.

Male/Female ratio: This is quite interesting. If you look at most sites, the ratio tilts slightly towards women, but on some of the sites the ratios are really different.

%income above 60K: This factor may be important to some people so we included it, but it is a minor factor compared to the others. Financial security can be important in smoothing the rough edges of building a happy relationship, but it doesn’t replace the core values that just have to be there for it to work.

% age 35+: This is another interesting one. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. This factor will help you rate online dating sites that better matchmaker Sydney your interests, then again it depends entirely upon your wants and needs, you can discard this one altogether.


Compatibility Tests: Many of the top tier dating sites have very specialized ways of suggesting matches. Some focus on chemistry or attraction basics and other on more functional aspects of your personality and the facts about how successful relationships work. It is a good idea to understand the methodologies used in suggested matching. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable with it, then you might want to look into the alternatives that have a simpler infrastructure.

Essays: A few services provide open spaces where you can write freely about yourself and the vision for your future. This is another great alternative to structured compatibility testing. It is a good way to “put yourself out there” and see what happens without the constraints of a “system”.

Relationship Type Options: A few services offer a selection where you can tell the “system” what kind of relationship you are looking for. If you are looking for a casual intimate relationship for example, you can tell it! Outside of that though you really never know where a relationship is going; maybe it starts casual and then gets as serious as a ring exchange!