Interior Design Career


The aim of education is to have a lucrative career. Gone are the days when people want to have only a medical, engineering or a banking profession. More and more people are turning towards the creative careers among which, an Interior Design career is one of the most demanded. There have been predictions by analysts that in US alone, the demand for professionals in the Interior Design career field will increase by over 35% by the year 2008.

When a person thinks of making his mark in the Interior Design career field it would be better to first distinguish between sudden enthusiasts and people with real passion. This distinction would be the first step towards making a mark in the profession. How then must one identify whether the Interior Design career would suit him or her?

It would be of immense help to ask oneself a set of questions as follows:

  •  Are you interested in your physical surroundings? Do you notice the surroundings in any new place that you visit?
  •  Is there an ever-alive interest to design and redesign your own room or space?
  • Do you often see yourself as the designer of your favorite places such as a restaurant, study room, departmental store or your own house?
  • Do you have the creative urge in you to try something different and not do the same run-of-the-mill design around you?
  • Do you interact well with people to understand their needs and tastes?
  • Can you work together with a creative team to come out with various designs and patterns?

If the answer is yes to the questions above, you are on the right track towards a career in Interior Design.

One of the best ways to know about the chosen career is to become a vociferous reader. There have been professionals before who have penned down their experiences and offered tips to budding professionals. There are a number of articles in magazines, online portals and books about the various aspects of a career in interior design and kitchen and bathroom renovations Brisbane. It is important to know the numerous options available within Interior designing and the legal formalities for starting one’s own Interior designing business.

Generally the various niche areas within Interior designing are as follows:

  1.   Commercial Interior Designing: Focuses on the design of public buildings such as restaurants, retail outlets, and entertainment theatres.
  2.  Residential Interior Designing: Focuses on the interior design of private homes where adequate care has to be taken care about child safety, wiring needs, security systems, space constraints etc.
  3.  Space Planning: Focuses on most economic use of space especially for small space offices and residence.
  4.   Exhibit Designing: Focuses on arrangement of valuable art objects within museums or large exhibitions
  5. Lighting Designing: Focuses on the lighting aspect depending on the purpose of various rooms.
  6. Kitchen and Bathroom Designing: Focuses on just the two areas of kitchen and bath.

Thus once the Interior Design career field is chosen there are many nuances to excel in!