Native Creation Stories Of Canada

Are you interested to know about the creation myths of Canada? If yes, then start reading the below article, which really makes you amazed with the creation myths of Canada. Have a look:

Blackfoot- Earth diver
There were times, when the whole world was covered with water. Napi, a creator was willing to know what was going under the water. To clear the confusion, he sent a duck, and then an otter. After, he also sent a badger. However, the result was nothing; they came up with empty hands. At last, a muskrat dumped under the water. He was down a very long time and then he returned with a mud ball in his paws. The creator obtained the lump and setback on it until it dehydrated and was changed into the earth. He formed the mountains, valley, and hills with his hands. This creation taught women and men how to hunt and to live.


Huron- World Parent
It is imagined that a group of beings identical to humans resided in longhouses in the blue sky. They resided in harmony and in the middle of the village positioned a celestial tree, which blossom with the light of knowledge and peace. One day, a curious lady had her husband, relocated the tree. She demolished through the hole down to the universe below. A goose in the Canada saw the lady falling, found shame on her and flew down to rescue her. The goose placed her on the turtle’s back and the Great Turtle Island appeared which is in the North America.

Siouian- Emergency
It is all about a lone man awoke with his façade turned up towards the sun. Coming to the point, the man was of the globe and he developed from the soil in a slow manner, which encouraged by the rays of the sunlight. A dry heat toughened the man, so that he could leap about, providing with a joyous and a free creation.

Cree- World Planet
O-ma-ma-ma, the globe mother of the Cree individuals gave birth to the spirits of the world. All the spirits travel together with Wee-sa-hay-jac on his backbone, which included Binay-sih, Genay-big, the trickster and Ma-heegun. The 5th born, Amik the beaver, get a huge respect, as he is an unlucky human from a different world. Grasses, rocks, fish, and the trees all came from the earth mother’s womb. The earth was occupied a long time by just animals as well as spirits because the firth child had not made still any person.