Solar Driveway Markers – Your Own Private Runway


Though some people don’t think it’s necessary to differentiate between the two, I actually think of solar driveway markers and solar driveway lights as two separate pieces of hardware.  In my mind, driveway lighting fits neatly into or on top of the drive or other landscape features as though it’s all one cohesive unit, while a driveway marker would be anything that stands out on its own and maybe even looks slightly out of place.

Let’s just put it this way.  If your lights are attached to meter-long sticks or poles and make your driveway look like a runway at LaGuardia Airport then what you have are markers.  There’s nothing wrong with these kinds of lights and they are so easy to install that it’s just ridiculous.  If the soil in your yard is soft then it should take no longer than 10 seconds to push each light down into the ground, and replacing the batteries every few years is as easy as pie because the lights are so easy to get to.  There are no lines to run, no ditches to dig, not power grid to tap into.  Just pop them in the ground and enjoy the free light courtesy of the sun for years to come.

What’s interesting about asphalt driveways perth markers is that many of them actually blink red or orange during the night.  This is a great feature if visitors are always accidentally parking their car on your lawn or your driveway is very narrow.  It’s also useful if you have a senior living in the home whose driving skills leave something to be desired.  Just stick a few of these bad boys in the ground and protect the grass and landscaping that you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

Actually, some of the more interesting stone driveway and front yard displays that I’ve seen incorporated both solar lights and solar markers in a seamless fashion that made the home look and feel both safer and more cared for.  By mixing and matching colors you can come up with some very creative and beautiful designs that will catch the eye of everyone who passes by.