Taxi Service | Hidden costs in Taxi service in Melbourne

Visiting Australia and traveling with ease and style, you need to hire a car service in Australia. You will simply forget everything else except making your way through malls, theaters, clubs and Australia beautiful landmarks. Even if you rent a car to drive yourself you will better off then traveling in the public transport and ruining your idea of a relaxed vacation. Coming to Australia on a meeting calls for an executive car but for whatever purpose you are coming to the city you will need a car service in Australia to ease up your transportation.

The agencies and the websites tell you about their cars, drivers, packages and timings but many don’t tell what this article will put light on. The prices shown by many car services in Australia are without license charges, airport surcharges, insurances, late fees and much more. When you use your best selected car and return it, you have to face yet another problem, a sticker shock. According to a research it is found that on average you pay an additional 25 percent taxes and fees on the rented service. These are all charged from you and you will have to pay it. It’s just like paying some percentage of sales tax on the items you purchase.

Gasoline Charges

Many taxi service Melbourne will give you a full tank to start with however if you return the car with an empty tank they charge fees other than the price of full tank fuel. You should opt for companies that let you purchase the fuel yourself. In this way you will be able to return the car with or without fuel and save yourself any unwanted charges. However, you will not be refunded for the fuel left in the tank, therefore fill it as needed.


One of the common extra charges that show up on your bill is insurance charges. It usually is helpful in protecting you against damages provided you are not guilty. Sometimes your own insurance back home may be covering you internationally and you will not have to purchase it otherwise they might be charging around $25 on the average each day as insurance coverage.

Taxes and Airport fees

If you don’t plan and arrive at the airport you will not have any problem finding a car for you but it will be expensive. All the fees that are paid by the car rental service to the airport are transferred to your bill which is legal. The best option is to hire a taxi melbourne airport from an off-airport location which can come and pick you on time.

The 24-Hour Clock

The common rule says a day constitutes of 24 hours. Usually some will give an hour as grace time for returning the vehicle. If you delay more you will be charged extra on hourly basis but if you have delayed by 3 or 4 hours you may even be charged by a whole day.


Many car services in Australia allow you to have unlimited miles to travel a day. However some companies limit it and charge each extra mile. The companies usually limit the mileage in deals such as weekend deal. Make sure you don’t end up paying extra.

Drop-Off Charges

Another common fee is charged when you drop the car at some other outlet of the company rather then from where you took it. If you drop the car in some other state you may even have to pay over $500 as fees. So check this with your company that whether you are allowed to drop the car at some other location without charges or not.

Additional Drivers and extra

If you, your spouse or any friend or family also want to drive the car other than you, then some car rental services will charge additional sum for each extra driver. You should rent a car from the companies that allow multiple drivers. Extra fees such as fees for infant seat may also be charged.
The best service you hire is the one that tell you the fare in totality adding all the taxes and charges or at least tell you which ones may be added. Now you know what possibly can be added to your bill, therefore make a wise selection amongst car services in Australia.