Top Native American Myth of Creation

When there was no earth, up in the Great Blue was a woman who was dreaming. One night she saw a dream about a beautiful tree, which was covered with white flowers, that tree lightened up the entire sky when the blossoms were open, but when they closed, there was terrible darkness. This dream made her fret, so she went to wise old men who used to live with her in a village up in the sky. She begged, pull up this tree, but nobody understood what she was saying. They dig up the roots to make light, but the tree fell through the hole and disappeared. After that, there was just darkness. The old men got frightened of the women dreams and blamed her for the darkness.


They dragged the women and pushed her down from the same hole. She fell down with great emptiness. Below her, there was nothing, but water. In the water, a fish hawk came to assist her. The fish hawk made a pillow with his feathers and drifted her above waves. However, the fish hawk was not having the strength to keep her up alone so he called for help from another creature. ”We must look for a ground where we can rest this poor women on,” he anxiously said.

However, there was nothing, but endless ground. A helldiver went deep down and brought some mud in his beak. He also found a turtle to smear the mud and went back in the deep again. Then duck joined him too. The ducks liked being muddy and they to started bringing mud from the ocean bed and spread over the shell of the turtle. The beavers also joined them and because they were great builders, they worked hard and made the shell bigger.Native-American

Every one of them was busy covering shell with mud and all of them were excited too. This world, which they were excitingly making, started getting bigger and bigger. All the animals and birds started building continents, countries until they finally made the earth, which was round. All this while the dreaming women was sitting safely on the back of the turtle.

The turtle is still holding up the earth till the day according to the native Americans myths and legends making this creation the top native American myth. The sky women gave birth to daughter and her children propagated the human race.