Top Native Creation Myths Of Africa

Africa is the 2nd largest Continent on earth and massive ethnic religions. History, cultures, and many beliefs have been passed through storytelling and oral traditions. Here are some Top Native Creation Myths Of Africa.

Adu Ogyinae
Akan mythology says that all human races lived deep inside the earth. One day a dog, a leopard, 5 women, 7 men crawled out from a hole, which was made by a huge worm. When they looked around all the other people got terrified, but Adu Ogyinae who was first to be on the surface seemed to comprehend the world and wonders. Adu calmed all of them by giving them strength and took charge. He synchronized the building of first shelter until he was killed under the tree he was chopping.


The Mysterious Queen of Sheba
There is an introduction about the queen of Sheba in the Qur’an and Bible. Whether she was consort queen or regent queen, this part is not known. Her full name is not mentioned anywhere, but according to the scholars her kingdom might be in the Ethiopia region. The Ethiopia royal family claims to be the descendants of the child born to king Solomon and

Queen Sheba – Their Legends Named The Queen MAKEDA.
According the story the king sent invitation to Makeda for a feast in a ceremony where spicy food was to be served. Because the queen had to spend the night, she asked the king to swear that he will not force upon her. The king said he would not ask her to give him anything if she also swears not to take anything from him.


Unfortunately, she woke up feeling thirsty and reached for water placed closed to the bed. At that time, Solomon appeared and reminded about the promise she made. At that, time water was among the most esteem possessions on earth. The queen still drank the water and set Solomon free from promise.

The Magic Of The Lovedu Rain Queens
Rain queen is the vital part of the Mpumalanga Lovedu history and culture. Mudjadji is believed as the rain goddess living incarnation. Her state of mind can also influence the rain according to the Lovedu people belief. She also send storm to destroy the enemies and gentle rain for their friends. She also appears at the rain making ceremony at Ga Modjadji. on that day, the queens commit suicide at the age of 60 with poison.