Water of Life

“We” are the water of life, it is us or our spirit, that is the water of life. When we honor our spirit, respect our beliefs, and where we come from, and seek to walk in a way that is good, and to teach about “that” way to others, we are the water of life.


It is this endeavor, that helps me to honor my elders, and their instruction that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”, and that it is time for us to do the work that needs to be done, to help others who are seeking their path.

It is in this way, that we share and welcome you to be a part of this effort. We are all related, and we are family.

In this respect, we need to learn to care about one another, not to care FOR one another, but rather to teach persons how to care for themselves, and to find balance.

On-site Classes

4 Directions Bracelet – Cost $1.00

4 Directions Keychain – Cost $5.00 (no supply expense)

4 Directions class is a family activity, parent or siblings are encouraged to be present during class.


Flat Peyote Bracelet **

Cost $10 plus supplies ($5.00) Appointment required for this class.


Cost $5.00 (choice Olivella or Dentillium Shell) Reference materials provided.

Single Strand Necklace**

Cost $10 plus supplies w/ pendant please add $1.00

** Parent required to accompany youth under age 12 for these projects