Why We Love Mobile Web Push Notification

Web Push Notifications  – A completely new avenue for marketers!

Why won’t we love push notifications?

It delivers the messages instantly. It does not bug your users and annoy them to death for giving out their email addresses or any other personal information. It delivers messages in an instant. What is there to not to love in here?

Did you know the best part? These web push notifications do not need a separate mobile app. You can easily send it from your website.

Also, unlike mobile push notifications, you can send these notifications to any device you want (mobiles, desktops, tablets, laptops).

Mobile Push notifications are the new channels of marketing communication which goes a long way in helping you build long term relationships with your audience.

These notifications allow you to get in touch with every user who has visited your website and opted to received these messages.

Similar to mobile push notifications, mobile web push notifications also allows you to notify your users about your latest deals, discounts, offers or content.

Also, as mentioned above, mobile web push notifications are not restricted to just those users who have your app but to everyone who has given explicit permission to send notifications to them.

Let me tell you how it functions.

Every time a new user comes on your website, he is shown a triggered popup asking permission whether he would like to receive notifications from your website.

Once the user clicks on “Allow”, he/she is added to your website’s subscriber list. Now, you can send any number of notifications at any time of the day you want.

With mobile web push notifications, you can reach your users where they spend most of their time – their mobile devices.

Now let’s talk specifically talk about why mobile web push notifications are a big hit. I am sure these benefits will convince you of the importance of mobile web push notifications.

Let’s begin.


  • Mobile web push notifications are easy to set up: You don’t need to be a tech savvy person to be able to set up these notifications. All you have to do it create your free account at Notifyfox. Once you enter your website’s URL, Notifyfox will generate a unique Javascript code for you which you will have to copy paste in the HTML tag of your website. This is it. Now you can create and send you first mobile web push notification.
  • Mobile web push notifications delivers the messages where your audience is.

Now you won’t have to invest time into finding the platform which works best for your business for you to reach out to your users. Mobile web push notifications delivers these messages right at the browser of your users, thus improving the visibility of your posts or notifications.

  • You don’t have to be a design buff to be able to send out web push notifications

Unlike email templates, you don’t have to spend hours designing or testing it across different devices. Simply create a title, some description, add an icon image and you are good to go.

  • Better opt in and click through rates

Since these do not ask for user’s email ID or any other personal information of the users, their open rates and click through rates are far better than any other marketing communication channel.

I hope this helped you! Stay tuned for more updates.