Window Cleaning Equipment You Need, And Where To Get It


If you are looking to purchase window cleaning equipment for the first time, then you are probably finding yourself overwhelmed trying to determine what is the essential equipment and what you can do without. There are many types of window cleaning supplies and window cleaning equipment out on the market today that perform specialized functions.

Many of these tools will save you significant time and money when performing specific tasks, but are they right for your job? Let’s find out. If you are a home owner and searching for window cleaning tools for your home, then a good, quality window cleaning kit will be the right purchase. These kits always have the essential tools such as an 8 ft. reach pole, 4” scraper with blades, stainless steel channels set, stainless steel quick release squeegee handle, swivel squeegee handle, replacement rubber blades for your channels, a washing sleeve and t-bar. These kits usually run between $40 – $150 depending on the quality and number of items you get. You can purchase these window cleaning equipment kits at your local home improvement stores, major retail stores, and online at window cleaning supply retailers.

What are the types of window cleaning Perth equipment out there on the market today? There are squeegees to remove the water from the window, T-bars and washing sleeves, brushes, cleaners and chemicals, scrapers and scrubbers, extension poles, gloves and shoe covers, safety glasses and goggles, water fed pole systems, and high rise and safety equipment. So as you can see, there are many tools out there for the professional that can help make your job easier. Explanation of what each tool does and how to use it properly is out of the scope of this post.

If you are a seasoned professional, then you know that there are window cleaning products out there that can save you significant time and money and greatly increase your window cleaning business profits. For example, the Tucker window washing system can wash, detergent, scrub, and rinse windows up to 45 ft high, while the operator is safely on the ground. The system is a series of very light weight telescoping aluminum pole and a brush. The detergent solution and rinse water is fed through the tube and if you use a de-ionized water system, it will dry without spotting and it also acts as a natural cleaner so you can use less detergent and save money and time.